demo day

RSVP for our Demo Day, August 15, at MIT and online!

We have 13 playful tech startups that we have been mentoring on the MIT campus, with a variety of VR/AR/esports/gaming/enterprise applications. They will be presenting on stage and there will be an opportunity to try out their demos after the presentations.

Demo Day is August 15, 2017 from 6-9pm

RSVP for in person demo day: (MIT, classroom 10-250)

RSVP for online demo day:  (if you can't make it in person)

The first batch consists of playful startups spans a wide breadth of categories, including:

  • VR pets & games (3 startups)
  • VR business applications (2 startups)
  • AR/MR  Applications/Tools (2 startups)
  • VR/VRWeb/360 development tech (3 startups)
  • eSports (2 startups)
  • Machine Vision and Deep Learning (2 startups)
  • Online Games (2 startups)