Who can apply?

Play Labs is open to teams of MIT-affiliated founders at any stage which are using playful technologies in any industry (see examples below). Submissions may be entered by individuals or teams.

To qualify as an MIT-affiliated team, at least one founder should  be an MIT alumni, MIT student, or Faculty member. Alumni or students can be from any full time or part-time undergraduate or graduate program. To ensure the MIT affiliation, the MIT founder should use their MIT address at submission time.

Play Labs is open to startups at any stage - pre founding, pre-seed, seed, etc. - however, upon acceptance into the program, the founders/team must establish their startup as a legal entity to get the investment. If you are a new startup, we will help you with the process of establishing your company.

Each year, we do have the flexibility for 1 or 2 "visiting founder" slots for founding teams that don't have an MIT affiliation.

What is the deadline to apply and when are the winners announced?

The First Round of Applications for Summer, 2017 have closed and teams are in the process of being selected.  

However, we will consider Late Applications on a case by case basis until the Accelerator starts.  If you would like to submit a Late Application, please email us info at playlabs.tv

When is the program?

The program will formally run from the week of June 12 through the week of August 15.  Our fist Demo Day will be held at the end of the program- exact date to be announced. 

How many companies do you admit every session?

For the first batch (summer, 2017), we expect to admit 5-10 startups, though that number is not fixed in stone. 

Do I need to be in the Boston area while admitted in the program?

You will need to be in the Boston area for the duration of the program (mid June -mid August). You do not need to be in the area during the application process, but you must be available to come to Cambridge/MIT for the interview process in March if you are chosen as a finalist.

I/we have two separate ideas, can we submit 2 different applications?

No. Please choose the idea you are most committed to and submit that one.

Am I too early for Play Labs? Am I too late for Play Labs?

You are never too early for Play Labs - even if you have an idea you want to build over the summer, and haven’t formed your startup yet, you can apply.  If you are accepted, then you will have to form the startup in order to participate in the summer. We can help with the formation process.

I am a solo founder. Is that a disadvantage?

Some accelerators discourage solo founders. We don't. Many solo founders have gone on to create great startups, so you can apply on your own or as part of a team. However, if you have never done a startup before, you should know it's a lot of work and it's great to have others on the journey with you.

Do I need to form my company before applying?

No, you do not need to have your business legal entity formed to apply.  However, if you are accepted into the program, you will have to form the company before we can make the investment.  We will help you to get the company formed if you don't have one.

What if I have a company formed already?

This should be OK.  We can work with your existing entity or recommend any changes necessary to get investment.  Feel free to contact us if you have questions about this info at playlabs.tv

If I do not have an MIT affiliation but I am still in Boston, can I apply?  Can I get In?

Although the program is primarily for MIT affiliated startups, we may have a single slot for "visiting founder", for projects that meet our criteria but where the team members are associated with another university in the Boston area.  The visiting founder team, if accepted, will not be guaranteed office space on MIT campus, and you will definitely increase your chances of being accepted significantly by adding an MIT student, alumni, or faculty/staff to your team.