Opening remarks for the Play Labs Demo Day 2018, for our 2nd batch of playful technologies startups.


Contact: bitmovio@playlabs.tv

BitMovio is a blockchain enabled video entertainment marketplace, connecting forward-thinking content creators with passionate consumers. We aim to disrupt the current Netflix and YouTube centralized content distribution model. Our platform gives content creators complete control of their content and audience, and earn in innovative ways using crypto tokens with fully transparent and real-time royalty payout. Our team includes seasoned executives and serial entrepreneurs in technology and media, a double Oscar-winning filmmaker, and former head of content from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, from the Stanford and MIT community.

Contact: blockscad@playlabs.tv

BlocksCAD 3D modeling software fills a critical need for teachers in elementary
and middle schools seeking ways to leverage engaging 3D printers with teaching math and coding fundamentals. In classrooms and afterschool programs around the country, we have shown that students who engage in activities using BlocksCAD have improved attitudes towards math, engineering, and computational thinking.

BlocksCAD has over 200,000 users worldwide and is being adopted as an innovative technology in schools and districts across the US. We have partnered with organizations such as Code.org and Google Education to more and more learners and educators who seek engaging new ways to get students excited about coding and STEM.

Contact: button@playlabs.tv

BUTTON WALLET is developing a multi-crypto-currency wallet called BUTTON and crypto exchange which works inside Telegram (the key messaging platform in the crypto/blockchain industry). Using crypto currency is difficult for normal end users; our main goal is building a convenient, easy to use instrument for crypto-currency asset management and personal digital finance. The alpha version of the platform has attracted more than 6,000 users with 0.45$ CAC due to viral-driven marketing strategy in Telegram and high conversion rates. We are in the MIT Play Labs accelerator and winners of blockchain hackathons from IBM, Microsoft Imagine Cup, Waves.

Contact: inthegame@playlabs.tv

InTheGame creates apps gamifying the viewing experience of esports and live broadcasts, powered by our computer vision & ai technology. 
inthegame brings interaction & engagement to new levels, by turning every viewing into an exciting game, while providing streamers & broadcasters with increased retention and new monetization channels.

Contact: lui@playlabs.tv

LUI is a new Human-Computer Interface for interactive media on large screens and AR/VR platforms. It utilizes voice and gestures to naturally control UI elements such as Maps, Photos and Youtube. The technology removes the boundary introduced by remotes and controllers and hopes to be a standard for large screens. This project is advised by V. Michael Bove, Principal Investigator of Object-Based Media at MIT Media Lab and John Underkoffler, CEO of Oblong Industries and scientific advisor for the Minority Report and Iron Man interface. 

Contact: playspark@playlabs.tv

PlaySpark is creating the next generation of social gaming in Augmented Reality.

Contact: realism@playlabs.tv

Realism is a 3D education platform that helps teachers engage students and adopt critical new science standards through gamified inquiry based science labs. With VR and laptop platform versions usable in any classroom, Realism is at the forefront of facilitating the paradigm shift in education & technology.

Contact: sitnplay@playlabs.tv

SitNPlay Games is a multiplayer e-sports platform that connects gamers all around the world on instant matches and tournaments for real money prizes that can be cashed out by users trough PayPal, Bitcoin or even Steam Gift Cards.

Contact: toucanai@playlabs.tv

Toucan AI is the only platform that allows you to create conversational AI characters with their own memories and personalities. These characters can have full, spoken conversations with users, and they remove the need for complex dialogue trees or pre-scripted conversations. With a Toucan AI Character, anyone can turn their game, simulation, or brand into an immersive, uninterrupted experience.

Contact: whetstone@playlabs.tv

Whetstone Technologies is a software company building a platform to enable easy creation of voice applications for Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home and other voice technologies with a specific focus on the healthcare vertical. Founders Sanjeev Surati and John Iwasz are both ex-Microsoft and are leveraging their over 25 years each in the software industry to create best in class voice-first solutions for both healthcare providers and patients.