Play Labs is now part of GAN (the Global Accelerator Network)

We are happy to announce that Play Labs@MIT is now part of GAN, the Global Accelerator Network, a highly-curated community of independent accelerators, corporates, and investors and creates opportunities around the world for startups to access the human and financial capital they need to build businesses and make a meaningful impact, wherever they call home.

GAN encompasses 80+ accelerators in over 100 cities and over 5,000 accelerator alumni around the world. 

GAN provides resources to startups in accelerators.  This means Play Labs founders will now also get access to:

  • Resources. Play Labs founders are now eligible for over $1m in perks ranging from AWS and IBM, to co-working and HR., partnerships, and an amazing community of alumni. 
  • Investor Network. Startups in PlayLabs will be eligible for investment from the GAN Ventures, which invests in startups coming out of GAN programs, as well as providing connections to a global network of investors. 
  • Post Accelerator assistance.  GAN members can help our startups with their post-accelerator plans, particularly if you're relocating to a city where there are other GAN members.

"GAN accelerators are passionate about giving startups the power to create and grow wherever they are, and Play Labs @ MIT is no exception," said Patrick Riley, CEO of GAN.  "Their Executive Director, Rizwan Virk, has built an incredibly strong mentor network that's providing strong support to their founders alongside global connections to corporations and investors. Needless to say, GAN couldn't be more excited to work with Play Labs and their founders!"